Mr. Manas Upadhyay

Overview ( Co-Ordinator's Message )

At Kenfount Academy we believe that ‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.’ Kenfount Academy provides an inclusive environment where students are encouraged to put their most excellent foot forward to achieve academic, sporting and social excellence. Through various interclass, interhouse, and interschool competitions, students are not only able to polish their inborn talents, but also build their confidence and enhance their individual personalities. The potential of the students can be maximized by teacher-coach facilitators with a holistic student centred approach.
The school provides an environment where the child realizes his worth as a responsible, balanced and valued member of the society; and believes in the concept of creating an ambient future for all. The school leaves no stone unturned to even provide counselling sessions from time to time.
In this fast changing technology world the school promises to keep up the pace benefiting both students and teachers by deploying smart classes, maths lab, Smart computer learning and regular teacher training workshops. All efforts that are put in by team Kenfount Academy reflect in the various laurels that our students bring and the awards that have been conferred to Kenfount Academy in a short span of time.