Why You choose KenFount Academy

Our mission is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers primary aged children and develops their self-confidence and competency in the core subjects. We seeks to create a stimulating learning environment that both supports and challenges the individual child. As they grow, children develop the qualities of hard work, good manners and self-discipline. Most importantly, they come out as self assured and confident.

KenFount Academy
Focuses on Values

KENFOUNT makes strenuous effort to make every child a light of the world by inculcating the values of hard work, good manners, self- discipline, focusing on spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Academic excellence is only one of the goals. We teach commitment to service.

Strong Academics

KenFount believes that the content of education of a young child greatly determines a child's mind set and personality and ultimately his future success. The KenFount school environment is engaging and responsive to a child at each stage of development.

A Broader and Bolder Education

Education in the 21st century must be both broader and bolder. A modern school! Needs to do much more than ensuring good marks on a sheet. Helping children get good marks is the minimum responsibility of a school. Indeed, a 'good' education must produce much more; a 'good' human being capable of all that has been written above and much more.

Computer Literacy & Smart Classes

The advent of education technology offers new ways of transacting classroom learning. We use interactive White Boards (IWBs) to give children smart knowledge through 'Smart Classes'. This injection of technology has enabled teachers to engage children in new ways, and it has particularly benefited the learning of the relatively more passive students.